Why Planetgreeners

  • Agricultural Services
  • Education and Capacity Building
  • Environmental Science-Recycling,renewable energy
  • GIS & Remote sensing
  • Indoor Plants
  • Landscaping

Who We Are

WE, The Planet Greeners team up with you for making our planet greener. A bit of greenery, a touch of nature, welcomed gently into your places sounds happiness…paves way to relaxed lives…

WE strive for laying out greens everywhere ……….

WE focus the generations for cultivating a green culture and spread the divine message of protecting our mother earth; conserving our natural resources, our flora and fauna…

WE help you join a green race for tomorrow by a series of customized events…to meet all your green needs…. catch the seasons with you to sow the first seed…wait for the first leaf to open its eyes look after it like a baby till it gifts you with a bumper harvest…

WE are there for adding pleasure to your places blessed by the colours of nature we gently design your dreams to own a garden of beauty in different styles and patterns…outdoors or indoors, inviting a green vista to you homes, offices and other places you wish…

All our activities converge to what we call a better earth, a better environment, a greener generation with a blend of sustainability.  


Featured Project

  • Green Landscaping (GR landscaping) Project
  • Mini Organic Farm Units in Urban spaces with Optimum...
  • Students Agricultural Venture for our Environment