The Gift of trees is a permanent and practical way to recognize your commitment to the community. You can show your support of urban forest by sponsoring the costs of planting a new tree site or by adopting and existing site.

Planting trees is everyone’s favorite activity, but without tender love and care these trees wouldn’t be able to survive in the harsh environment of urban living. On average, urban trees live only 7 years. This is devastating news considering it is mature trees that provide the greatest benefit to our communities.



Planetgreeners for Trees – The Planetgreeners has ongoing responsibility for the care of over 100 locally planted trees. Each year, hundreds of volunteers and staff deliver Tender Loving Care to our trees to ensure their health and survival. The Planetgreeners for Trees sponsorship program offers an affordable way for tree loves to make a valuable contribution to help Earth.


The Planetgreeners for Trees makes a wonderful gift for someone who shares your love of nature and is an effective way for you to show your commitment to fighting global warming. If you select to gift a The Planetgreeners for Trees Sponsorship, an card will be sent to your recipient acknowledging your thought and generosity.


Memory Row – The Planetgreeners are implementing adoption program that, our selected volunteers maintain the orphan trees that require hand-watering, grass and weeds cleared from their basins, mulch, pruning, and treatment for infestations or disease.

Here’s how it works, with the help of our arborist, you will select the tree species, custom plaque engraving, and ceremony details. You will also need to appoint a ‘Tree Guardian’ to be held responsible for the care of the tree either by tending to it directly or contributing to our tree care fund to engage foster care. An experienced youth tree-planting supervisor oversees the planting of each dedication ceremony.