1. Seminars and Lectures on a wide range of environmental related topics.
2. Hands on activities planned and executed by us where children explore our ecosystem
3. Outline Mini Practicals to of learn the application Subjects like Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Plant Physiology etc. in day to day life.
4. Competitions focusing all age groups and Awards & certificates Sponsored by Planet Greeners, viz,

• Painting and Pencil drawing competition
• Logo design competition
• Essay Competition
• Poster design competition
• Clay modeling
• Exhibition
• Debates and group discussions
• The Seed Award for the Best Student Agriculturist
• The Leaf Award for the Best student Environmentalist
• The Buds Award for the Best team in crop production

5. Planet Greener Club membership
6. Talk shows by invited environmental activists

7. Participation in Clean Up Campaigns and Afforestation campaigns
8. Walkathons and Marathons
9. Participatory Environmental Activities are organized across the country.
10. Organizes Wadi visits, Mangrove Visits and other Eco hot spot visits under responsibility of the school.
11. Farm visits ,Trekking etc., under responsibility of the school
12. Distribution of Planet Greeners Awareness materials and handouts……& MUCH MORE