1. Utilization of Native flora of UAE

The untapped resource of natural flora which are natives of UAE are best utilized in this project by carefully selecting and applying in landscaping. Thus the exotic plants like Ixora, Petunia, and Gardenia etc. can be limited and in some cases can be completely replaced by native plants. The most common ones are Salvadora persica, Dodonea viscosa, Zygophyllum,Portulaca afra,etc

2. In situ Propagation of Native Plants

By using native plants, cost saving is done in transportation and infra structure because most of them can be propagated in the site itself for the next season .Moreover they are easy to multiply .For eg. Portulaca

3. Reduced Irrigation water requirement up to 50 %

As the native flora do not demand much quantities of irrigation water, drastic reduction in water use is noticed around half the normal consumption in an exotic landscaped garden


4. Reduced Manures and fertilizers up to 75%

The native plants are suited to perform well in natural conditions without stuffing too much manures.

Thus operational costs are curtailed.

5. Reduced Maintenance cost of the Customer per year to around 70%

Maintenance costs in annual terms are reduced due to the use of native flora in landscaping

6. Reduced Grocery bills up to 40 % by incorporation of Edible gardens in Green( GR) Landscapes

Green Landscaping has its main component as Edible Gardens where the customers are equipped to grow fruits and vegetables in a part of the green Landscape thus harvesting fresh green produce

7. Reduced water and electricity bills for irrigation and plants shaping up to 20%

Electricity for irrigation and machinery running are cut short in order to have a profitable yet beautiful Garden scape gifted by The Planetgreeners