1. Production to the range of tons

Yield of vegetables are sometimes very huge than expected .Eg.Per Plant Yields of Aubergines has been 40 -80 kg in December 2015 from a single unit .This has evidently proved that the MOFUOR Project has potential of producing efficiently and cost effectively.

2. Botanical Control of pests

Use of Neem based environmental friendly preparations has successfully evaded a range of pests without using any chemicals. All the methods of Integrated Pest Management are followed in this project thus including Alley Cropping, Trap Cropping as a successful instance in Sabari Indian School.

3. Organic Nutrients

Dried cow manure, goat manure and Poultry manure gave excellent yields in Sharjah Indian School, Excellent School and British International School.


4. Variety of Vegetables and Fruits –locally produced in terraces and urban spaces

The crops ranging from tropical tapioca to temperate Broccoli were harvested from a period ranging from 2014 November to 2015 December under the MOFUOR Project from different sites. This ensures   the steady supply of all the nutrients year round.

5. MOFUOR guarantees -No transport Loss and nutrient Loss compared to market buying lots

All the produce under the project guarantees absolute richness in nutrition. It ensures prevention of loss of   nutrients by   transit and handling .The school canteens and hotels under the project has generated the attitude of PLANT TO PLATE in smaller scales

6. Cost savings due to in house production

Considerable cost saving opportunity arose in schools that grow organic vegetables rather than buying from outside market. This has resulted in increased customer preferences due to natural flavor and taste in the produce.

7. Cost savings due to inhouse production in Hotels

Hotels are yearly increasing the area under MOFUOR Project by utilizing the useless terraces and outdoors. Thus a good quantity of vegetables and fruits are harvested for in -house use.

8. Produced in house plate exclusively for customers of Hotel Holiday Inn.

Customer preferences are more towards naturally grown produce in a few examples The Planetgreeners have done in Emirates Grand Hotel in 2014-2015.Thus it is a replicable model for long term for all Hotels with utilizable spaces and terraces

9. Reduced water use –Sub Surface Drip System

 Energy Saving is the main component of this project whereby Surface and sub surface irrigation are used according to the prevailing conditions