The best of all lies in the smiles of the younger ones when they get nearer to nature during the activities as part of our SAVE Project. SAVE Project implies Students Agricultural Venture for our Environment. Such a programme is a need for the coming generations. Along with the academic schedule, children learn to love the nature and uphold sustainability. They become part of this participatory programme by growing up crops suitable to the climate of UAE with our technical support throughout.They understand the environment ,the natural  resources, biodiversity and waits patiently for the harvest of their efforts ,with their companions.

SAVE Project is indeed a treasure, any school can gift its dear generations as a golden experience in their lives We are there to drive you to reach your destiny…joining hands for a green race…

Educational Tracks:

Production Agriculture

Children will better understand agriculture production by matching raw products with finished products using a relay race and discussion; get a close-up view of nature and learn about the products they produce. Students will also learn about vegetable production, and take home a goodie bag of their efforts.

The Environment

Children will better understand how agricultural soil conservation, best management practices affect water quality and our environment. Hands-on activities will help children learn about soils, habitat, water quality and things students can do at home to help keep water clean and safe.

Nutrition, Diet and Health

Children will study plant products and their relationship to nutrition, diet and health. Hands-on activities and lively exhibits will be used to discuss production, d nutritional value of foods. Demonstrations, displays the production of organic food themselves and will enhance their understanding of the importance of good nutrition.

PlanetGreeners …do ….SAVE …..the earth………..!.

  • Our technically competent team of environmentalists, agricultural experts, trainers and educators join with you to achieve the best out of this fruitful venture.
  • Our farm assurers preach Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) for optimum production with set international standards.
  • We lay out vegetable gardens, orchards, ornamental and flowers .We join you with technical services and inputs from sowing till selling.
  • We manage the nutrient requirements, plant protection and overall crop quality.
  • We assure you a bumper harvest with suitable guidelines for marketing techniques. In nutshell, we are there to take care of the crops from planting till harvest, for supporting the little ones.
  • We offer agricultural and organic crop production techniques to meet safer food requirement for the generations..

SAVE Project, features a range of colorful activities organized by The PlanetGreeners as a package of awareness plans.We assure to maintain the delight of participatory agriculture in the students by engaging them in campaigns, various competitions seminars, nature newsletters, talk shows,lectures,walks,tree adoptions, ,trips and many more…on natural resource conservation.These activities make the project unique because the children of all age groups can be a part of it,in one way or the other.

Why SAVE Project

Today’s children have less direct contact with nature, lesser opportunities to explore the flora and fauna

  • They spend more time in front of a television, computer screen, video games or tablets.
  • Gardening is a physical activity that can give them a reason to be outdoors and active.
  • Help develop an understanding of the environment, a love and respect for the Earth.
  • Children to be given chances to explore and discover the cycles of life and learn how to protect the environment
  • SAVE Project demonstrates the interrelationship between Agriculture, the Environment and Nutrition, helps to  increase the understanding of agriculture with youth and their families
  • Inspire kids, parents and teachers to learn about the importance of plants and how they affect the world.
  • Provide motivation to try fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods to improve their attitudes and behaviors thus fighting obesity.
  • Provide a place to learn with “hands-on” opportunities— and to have fun!